Areas of Practice

Appellate Practice

CG&P has a long tradition of engaging in every aspect of appellate advocacy in both federal and state courts. Drawing from the Firm’s experience and in-depth knowledge of each of its practice areas, CG&P has successfully argued appeals in every field in which its attorneys practice.

Advocating Appeals at the State and Federal Level

The Firm’s appellate work is tailored to achieve results not only with respect to the particular matter being argued, but also with a broad view of the impact a decision may have on future exposure to our client and the industry as a whole.

CG&P maintains a consistent presence in New York’s Appellate Departments and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and has had decisions of significant importance published in the areas of health care litigation, lawyer’s professional liability, construction law, insurance coverage issues on both the primary and excess levels, products liability and church and charitable organization law.

Areas of Practice

Church and Charitable Institution Representation and Counseling

CG&P counsels churches, synagogues and charitable organizations on numerous matters, including First Amendment issues, directors’ and officers’ disputes, personal injury matters, New York Labor Law disputes, governance issues, sexual molestation claims, and insurance disputes.

Representing Religious and Charitable Organizations

Catalano Gallardo & Petropoulos, LLP provides a diverse range of services to religious institutions and non-profit organizations. Since the inception of the Firm, we have represented major religious organizations, schools, children’s camps, and communities operating as non-profit organizations. CG&P’s attorneys offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling the unique concerns of churches and charitable organizations, while protecting their rights in often contentious and emotionally charged situations.

The Firm has been involved in numerous high profile cases which call for both litigation prowess and experience in dealing with the media, and the Firm has met the challenge every time, earning the praise of clients and the grudging respect of its adversaries. Facing an ever growing risk of involvement in litigation on many fronts, religious institutions and nonprofit organizations, and their insurers, have consistently looked to CG&P for guidance.

Areas of Practice

Employment, Civil Rights and Sexual Tort Liability

CG&P’s goal is to assist clients in maximizing their own human resource capabilities to avoid exposure to liability. While employment disputes often result in litigation, the Firm provides risk management to minimize exposure, and educates their clients as to the documentation litigators rely upon in their defense.

Human Resource Guidance

The firm has counseled and defended corporate clients and individuals with respect to a myriad of employment and human rights issues. The Firm counsels clients, including religious institutions, Fortune 500 companies, medical facilities and commercial carriers, with respect to issues ranging from human resource administration to discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual abuse claims.

CG&P’s attorneys also have extensive experience in assisting clients in responding to charges before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions and New York State Division of Human Rights, and in representing them in ensuing litigation in Federal and State courts. The Firm’s attorneys also have extensive experience in defending clients accused of discriminating on the basis of age, disability, or race, and claims arising under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Areas of Practice

Hospital, Health Clinic and Nursing Home Liability

The Firm’s attorneys have successfully litigated and tried hundreds of cases involving claims of general negligence, medical malpractice and Public Health Law violations in every borough of New York City and its surrounding counties.

Securing Due Process for Medical Professionals

Since its inception, Catalano Gallardo & Petropoulos, LLP has been representing large medical institutions and group practices facing a myriad of medical professional issues. The defense of medical institutions involves the unique challenge of dealing with multidisciplinary issues.

It requires attorneys who can both navigate the litigation process and develop an intimate knowledge of the medical issues involved in the case. CG&P’s attorneys excel in both areas. Hospitals, nursing homes and health clinics often face liability for alleged malpractice of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other professional staff members.

Areas of Practice

Insurance Law and Litigation

Catalano Gallardo & Petropoulos, LLP counsels insurers and corporate clients on a wide spectrum of claims handling issues. CG&P offers services in both counseling and litigation settings, ranging from risk management assessment, to coverage issues and claims handling.

Navigating Insurance Litigation

The Firm represents major U.S. property and casualty insurers, reinsurers, and policy holders in disputes arising out of a variety of claims, including commercial general liability; directors’ and officers’ liability; insurance agents’ and brokers’ errors and omissions; mass tort; and health care disputes. Catalano Gallardo & Petropoulos, LLP handles every stage of insurance disputes from analysis of a potential claim and the preparation of coverage opinions to correspondence, including reservations of rights and disclaimers, through the representation of insurers or their policy holders in coverage litigation.

CG&P also offers risk management services, working with claims professionals and insurance brokers and agents to assess areas of liability and risk within current and proposed policy language, and with in-house risk managers to develop procedures and guidelines which reduce the risk of litigation exposure.

Areas of Practice

Labor Law and Construction Liability

CG&P’s clients include both national construction companies and local firms requiring regular management of their litigation. The Firm is adept at identifying high exposure claims quickly and then minimizing or eliminating the exposure.

Advising General Contractors and Subcontractors

The attorneys at Catalano Gallardo & Petropoulos, LLP have several decades of experience in the area of construction liability, both with respect to New York Labor Law claims and common law negligence claims involving high exposure risks and catastrophic injuries. The Firm has handled catastrophic death cases for owners, general contractors and subcontractors, both at the primary and excess exposure level.

CG&P’s attorneys focus on a results-oriented strategy to quickly assess and dispose of pre-suit matters, and successfully defend clients when litigation proceeds. The Firm works to optimize results in disputes, which often involve complex insurance tender issues and third party disputes between owners, contractors and subcontractors.

Areas of Practice

Lawyers’ Professional Liability

The firm is widely regarded as a leader in the field of lawyers’ professional liability, and its attorneys are frequently asked by Bar Associations to lecture regarding ethics, risk management and the defense and avoidance of attorney liability claims.

Representing our Colleagues

CG&P defends attorneys from claims stemming from a broad array of underlying matters, including commercial and real estate transactions, real estate litigation, personal injury matters, criminal cases, trusts and estates matters and tax disputes. Conflicts of interest and ethical issues arise in many attorney liability cases, and CG&P’s attorneys, who are active in the Ethics and Law Practice Management Committees of the local and state Bar Associations, are well-qualified to address them.

The Firm’s approach to the defense of lawyers has always been to first gain a thorough understanding of the area of practice and the scope of the problem facing the professional. Then the Firm’s attorneys assess the risks and potential outcomes of litigation and focus the applicable legal arguments to resolve the issue quickly. CG&P’s attorneys have successfully argued countless appeals in attorney liability matters, and their names appear on many of the leading cases in the area.

Areas of Practice

Medical Professional Malpractice

Catalano Gallardo & Petropoulos, LLP has a long standing record of providing counseling and defense to medical, dental, podiatric, nursing, chiropractic and physical therapy professionals in all facets of litigation and related matters. CG&P has earned a reputation as a leading firm in the defense of these professionals.


The Firm’s attorneys have not only represented these practitioners in litigation, but have also appeared before the Office of Professional Discipline to defend their licenses. The Firm is keenly aware of the importance to the professional of defending his or her reputation from tarnish and preserving his or her livelihood.

In all matters, the Firm strives to minimize the disruption and inconvenience caused by the litigation and disciplinary process. This is accomplished thorough vigorous work and continuous communication, keeping the professional aware of what is going on and what to expect in his or her case.

Areas of Practice

Product and Medical Device Liability

The Firms attorneys have worked on a variety of product lines, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, skin care products, and industrial machinery.

Representing All Types of Product Liability Claims

Catalano Gallardo & Petropoulos, LLP has extensive experience in counseling and defending clients regarding products liability claims, whether in suit or pre-suit, in both New York State and Federal courts.The Firm has partnered with manufacturers and distributors to defend claims aggressively and to obtain the benefit of all available federal preemption statutes.

Whether dealing with warranty claims, failure to warn, contract claims arising from corporate acquisitions and mergers of manufacturers and distributors, CG&P attorneys are well versed in understanding product design, manufacturing and use. CG&P produces the accurate risk assessment necessary to vigorously defend these complex cases through trial.